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Pastels: Kaitlyn Tapp's new editorial for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Kaitlyn Tapp Cosmopolitan Bratty Model

Bratty Model's teen actors for movie "Gibby": Part 2 with Crystal the Monkey!Bratty Model's actors for movie "GIBBY": Part 2 "Crystal the Monkey"

Summer Time: Kaitlyn Tapp's latest sizzling editorial for Cosmopolitan inspires us to... (more)Kaitlyn Tapp Cosmopolitan Bratty Model

Brave Talent™ is our new division that represents brand ambassadors who create a positive image for national retailers woldwide.Drac and Janson Wigo_Brave Talent

Bratty Model's teen actors work for a movie "GIBBY" (Part 1)Gibby Movie Bratty Model Agency p1

♥ Kaitlyn Tapp  is in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan (Mexico)Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model Agency

Bikini Babe: Kaitlyn Tapp is in Fashion Film for Cosmopolitan US en Espanol. Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

Trevor Scott lands a Nickelodeon audition! (Read more)Trevor Scott_Nickelodeon_BrattyModel

 ♥ Kaitlyn Tapp for Collette Ishiyama campaign. Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

♥ Now Representing: Twins Drac and Janson Wigo! Drac and Janson come with impressive water polo pedigrees...(read more)Drac and Janson Wigo

♥ Kaitlyn Tapp's interview in Time Out magazine. Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

 Casting alert: Patrick Baldwin for Polar Sportswatch campaign. Patrick Baldwin BrattyModelagency

Bratty Model's Kaitlyn Tapp looks avant-garde in her latest editorial for EN VIE magazine.


Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

New Face: Lizzi Donaville. Lizzi has always been attracted to high fashion modeling and feels...(more)Lizzi Donaville_BrattyModel

Bratty Model's Kaitlyn Tapp continues her modeling globe-trotting and just shot 3 fashion editorials in Mexico.Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

New Talent: Althea Kahookele.

Althea's impressive Hawaiian heritage traces back to Chief Umi-a-Liloa...(more)Althea Kahookele_Bratty Model Agency


New Talent: April Rose. April Rose is a very personable and talented young lady. Everyone adores her cute dimples...(more)April Rose_Bratty Model Kaitlyn Tapp looks phenomenal in the Lars Andersson runway show (read more)Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model


New Talent: Naylea Calderon. Naylea's natural beauty is stunning - beautiful blue eyes and flowing blonde hair call for the classic Scandinavian look. Yet... (more)Naylea Calderon_Bratty Model Agency

 Kaitlyn Tapp walked in Malan Breton show for the second season in a row (read more)Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

 New Talent: Christina Grabski. Christina is very personable and enjoys networking... (Read more)Christina Grabski_Bratty Model

New Talent: Sarah Chavez.


Sarah has a great personality and an incredibly positive outlook on life. (Read more)Sarah Chavez_Bratty Model_New Talent

Kaitlyn Tapp in Leanne Marshall F/W14 show (read more)Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model NY Fashion Week

 New Talent: Trevor Scott. Trevor is very outgoing, charismatic...

and loves to tell jokes. (Read More)Trevor Scott_Bratty Model Agency

 Kaitlyn Tapp in Saunder F/W14 show (read more) Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

New Talent: Cellena Velasquez. Cellena has formal training in commercial acting...(read more)

Bratty Model Management_CellenaV 

NY Fashion Week: Kaitlyn Tapp in K.Nicole Couture fashion showKaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model NY Fashion Week

New Talent: Tony Hernandez. Tony has always wanted to have a continuous career in acting...(more)

Tony Hernandez Bratty Model new talent

 ♥  Kaitlyn Tapp is on the cover for Malan Breton (read more)

Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model 

  New Talent: Michelle De Leon. Michelle is very passionate about acting... (read more)

Michelle De Leon 


  New York Fashion Week: Kaitlyn Tapp in 5:31 JÉRÔME FW14

Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model NY Fashion Week

   "Miss Personality" Leanne Nguyen beams tons of positive energy in her latest photos! (more)

Leanne Bratty Model

 ♥  Kaitlyn Tapp is in Ellements magazine's editorial. Read more.

Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

   13-year old Ava looks stunning in her new test photos!

Ava Bratty Model

 ♥  Kaitlyn Tapp is on the cover of Cri De Coer lookbook. Read more.

Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

♥  Kaitlyn Tapp is on Vogue Italia website for F4D Fashion Show. Read more.

Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

 Congratulations to Sophia T. and Gracie Nino on securing callbacks for ...

USAA Retirement print campaign callback! ♥  Kaitlyn Tapp is featured on VOGUE.COM! Read more.

Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

 ♥  Kaitlyn Tapp models in Patouf (Sweden) presentation. Read more.

Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

   Natasha Chalenko meets Bratty Model's fans at iPOP! Model and Talent Convention.

Natasha Chalenko

 ♥  Kaitlyn Tapp walked in Malan Breton S/S 2014 Show. Read more and see the backstage report! Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model

♥  Kaitlyn Tapp walked in Meskita S/S 2014 Show. Watch the full show.

Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model NY Fashion Week

♥  Kaitlyn Tapp in Jonathan Simkhai S/S 2014 Presentation during New York Fashion Week (read more).Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model NY Fashion Week

♥  Kaitlyn Tapp in Sukeina Fashion Show S/S 2014 during New York Fashion Week (see photos).Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model NY Fashion Week

♥  Kaitlyn Tapp debuts at New York Fashion Week with Ivana Helsinki fashion show! Read more... Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model NY Fashion Week

♥  Kaitlyn Tapp is in MAJOR show package for New York Fashion week on! Kaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model NY Fashion Week

   Bratty Model's client Kaitlyn Tapp arrived to New York just a few days ago to start her contact with prestigious MAJOR MODELS and she has been booked non-stop! MoreKaitlyn Tapp Bratty Model


  How to project supermodel's confidence - read an article by Natasha Chalenko and get started today! Natasha Chalenko 

Meet Natasha, Chris and Tori and learn about Facial Expressions in Fashion Photography and Runway.Natasha Chalenko     


Getting ready to walk in a fashion show? Watch our step-by-step tutorial and improve your model walk with correct Feet Placement. Natasha Chalenko

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Awesome Bratty Mall Haul by Roshannah - Humorous, Informative & Entertaining, a Must-See! Vote ! Mall Haul by Roshannah  

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Evelynfigueroa Mall Haul

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Starting a new relationship is hard enough, but not having anything to talk about with your new boyfriend can be both awkward and frustrating. Having good chemistry with someone starts with the ability to carry on a conversation. Read our new article "Communicating with Your New Boyfriend" and learn the secret to a successful and fun relationship! Communicating with Boyfriend advice 

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  Fun Holiday Mall Haul by Nicole Moroni: Bratty Model Tote and Backpack in orange!

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Super-cute Bratty Mall Haul from Aliciazuni! Check it out & vote Aliciazuni mall haul

Great Mall Haul from Canada! Watch the new video by Melflower & vote

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  Quiz What's Your Prom Style?  

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  CHECK IT OUT: Some of the Bratty Models in San Francisco Union Square during kick off event for National Dance Week!!! Sent to us by one of our members.

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  Super-successul Project Style in Orange County, CA! See photos!

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