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Brave story:

Twins Drac and Janson Wigo come with impressive water polo pedigrees. They started playing when they were 8 years old and followed a family tradition - their father was a collegiate athlete and their older brother was a 3-time Olympian. Both, Drac and Janson, were 4-time All-American water polo players at Stanford University and on the 2012 US Olympic training team.
Drac and Janson started in the talent industry at an early age. Growing up in Florida, the athletic and exotic-looking twins were noticed right away and did multiple print and commercial campaigns.
Drac and Janson graduated from Stanford University in 2010. They enjoy surfing, fishing, lobster diving, hiking, camping, basketball, tennis, cooking and traveling in their spare time.
Currently the twins train full-time for the Olympic Club water polo team.

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